Bækhuse Put And Take

Rules for Fisheries.


1. Vehicles must be placed on the parking lot.

2. There must be redeemed angling before moving to the lake.

3. Prices relate. pole fishing with, also for children.

4. Det er strengt forbudt at forfodre og fiske med melorm og maddiker.

5. Do not fish with nets.

6. Do not throw cigarette butts and waste in the water.

7. Please use our bins for waste and boxes for empty cans and bottles.

8. Take into account the nature, do not break branches of trees, do not pick

flowers and sid not on fences and railings.

9. Please do, to put fish on the tables and benches.

10. Dogs must be leashed.

11. We have no catch limits, but take fisheries nature of commercial fishing

are we moving, fair catch is 2-3 pcs. per. hour.

12. Do not throw stones into the lakes.

13. Violation of these rules will result in expulsion and possible. quarantine.

Stay at the lakes at your own risk.

Best Regards

Bækhuse Put and take